Ultimate gift choice

日期: 2019-09-14

Ultimate gift choice

Difference industries were facing critical challenges due to global economic impact; therefore, marketers have to pick the corporate gift more carefully.

In September, there are a lot of new generations entering to the workforce. Let me advise some tips for gift picking:


Five tips for choosing a corporate gift:

  • The budget will directly affect the gift selection, so the first step is to determine how much will be spent on the gift promotion. It saves time.
  • Market segment: It is important to know the age, occupation, and sex of your target customer. If you pick the wrong gift, it is easy to get lost on your brand reputation.
  •  Industry nature-institutions and schools, retail, food and beverage, finance, etc..
  1.  Institutions and schools – school or NEO institutions always choose stationery gifts, environmental gifts, memory sticks as the event gift.
  2.  Retail-retail promotion requires creative gifts to attract their target customers to pay attention to their own products to increase sales.
  3.  Catering industry - the target customer scale is very large, so the gift selection should be suit for all types of client and just make it simple, such as recycle bags, Eco drinking tubes, tableware, bottle, ceramic cups, etc.
  4.  The financial industry - the financial industry is professional, and we should pick some luxury and delicate gift to attract them. Leather gifts, high-tech electronic gifts or wines are the best gift choices for them.


  • Market trend sense, printing knowledge are very important to select a successful gift. We should always be the first person to pick that gift in the same industry to attract the target customer, or you can go to our product showcase to get some idea reference. Printed gifts often have different kinds of problem such as color difference, LOGO variants, and complex LOGO, so it is good to provide your logo to our team for gift suggestions based on the logo difficultly level to minimize the printing issue
  • Promotional gifts are used to promote the brand in the event, so the delivery arrangement and delivery location is quite important. Normally, the gifts will be used in the Hong Kong local market which don’t have much delivery time issue. The following special cases for reference:
  1. China Holidays: Normally, 95% of corporate gifts are made in China;therefore, holiday schedule of Hong Kong and China will affect our plan. China's National Day and Lunar New Year's Eve are 2 big holiday in china and we must pay more attention for the delivery issue.
  2. Transportation lead-time: It is good to assume a longer transportation lead-time for the oversea shipment which takes 3-7 days depending on the location just in case any sudden issue to affect the delivery.




I hope that the above experience can help you to pick a suitable gift for your company. For more enquiries, please email [email protected] for more information.