Power bank picking strategy

日期: 2018-12-03

Power bank picking strategy

Nowadays, most of people being a Cellphone addict. They will quite nervous if they cell have no battery at all; therefore, power bank is quite important to them as well which mean it is very good choice as a cooperate gift. However, there are many different types of power bank and I am going to introduce some hot models for your consideration:

1) Led Wireless Charger 5000mAh: As the name, it had a strong promotion function as you can have full color printing on the product surface. You can specific the area that you wish to have led light effect. That’s the selling point for this wireless charger.

LED wireless charger PowerBank 5000mAh

2) Slim power bank with cable 4600mAh: It got a 3 in 1 cable for Iphone,android,type-c Cell and this power bank is very small (106.5x64.0x12.8mm) and you can have full color printing. Also, the price is quite comparative around HK$60.0/pc. This is an economic and functional Choice.

Slim power bank with cable 4600mAh

3) 10000MAH 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Power Bank (Type-c, Android, iPhone): This model got a inbuilt Type-c,Anroid,iPhone cable and it also have the wireless charging function. It got 10000mAh which is suitable for the travel lover. In my opinion, this is the best model I saw.

10000MAH 3合1無線充電移動電源(Type-c, Android, iPhone) 10000MAH 3合1無線充電移動電源(Type-c, Android, iPhone)