10 exceptional outdoor gifts for businesses to delight their adventure-seeking customers

日期: 2023-09-13

10 exceptional outdoor gifts for businesses to delight their adventure-seeking customers

Outdoor gift recommendations and strategies: Top ten outdoor product choices

Giftone has carefully selected 10 outdoor gifts so that you can give the best gifts to customers who love outdoor sports. Come and read the following guide:


Outdoor gift recommendation 1: Large capacity 1 liter frosted surface sports water bottle (WB-1242)
A large water bottle is one of the must-have items for sports enthusiasts. This water bottle is made of high-quality materials, and its quality is safe and reliable, so users can use it with confidence. The bottle design with frosted surface is not easy to slip off, easy to carry, beautiful and practical.


Outdoor gift recommendation 2: Food-grade portable fruit tea flat water bottle (WB-1251)
This flat water bottle is made of high-quality materials, complies with FDA certification, and is safe and harmless. The flat design is simple and stylish, and offers a variety of color options.


Recommended outdoor gifts 3: Outdoor ice silk sports sun protection sleeves (CR-1029)
This outdoor ice silk sports sun protection sleeve is made of high-quality ice silk material. In addition to good sun protection effect, it also has a comfortable touch and excellent breathability, which can help cool down.


Outdoor gift recommendation 4: Mini folding silicone cup-600ML (WB-1183)
The 600 ml silicone cup weighs only 132 grams and has a foldable size of only 6.5 cm. The foldable function makes it easier to carry and use, especially suitable for outdoor activities.


Recommended outdoor gifts 5: Stainless steel folding tableware set (HL-1231)
The tableware is made of stainless steel, is lightweight and practical, and has a folding size of about 10 cm, making it easy to use when dining out. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to environmental protection. Using reusable tableware when eating outdoors can contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.


Recommended outdoor gifts 6: Waterproof bag 2L (BR-1062)
When doing water activities in the summer, if you don’t want your valuables and electronic equipment to get wet, bring a waterproof bag. This PVC waterproof bag is light and compact, perfect for mobile phones and wallets.


Outdoor gift recommendation 7: Ultra-lightweight sports waist bag (OD-1025)
The outdoor sports waist bag can be used to store essential items when going out, such as mobile phones, credit cards, cash, keys, etc. With waterproof zippers and materials, you are not afraid of getting items wet even if it suddenly rains.


Outdoor gift recommendation 8: Sports mobile phone arm bag (MR-1010)
The product is made of breathable materials, waterproof and sweat-proof; it has a dedicated headphone cord opening for connecting the headphone cord to listen to music; a hidden key pocket can hold small items. The product size is 34.2x14.4 cm, suitable for most mobile phones.


Recommended outdoor gifts 9: Color printed cotton towel (CR-1002)
You will inevitably sweat profusely during exercise. A cotton towel allows users to quickly wipe away the sweat on their bodies. Printing your company's unique design will surely leave a deep impression on users.


Recommended outdoor gifts 10: Ice towel (single layer/double layer) (CR-1001)
In the hot summer, you will feel very hot after exercising. If you can have an ice towel at this time, you will feel cool instantly after using it.

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